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Unmarried and no Will?

While a Will is good practice for everyone, it is particularly important for unmarried couples as they do not have an automatic right to their partner’s assets after death. Dying without a Will means the law will decide the fate of your assets and they could end up passing to your parents and siblings instead.

Under the intestacy rules which would apply instead your partner would not be provided for if you had no Will, this equally applies to the children of your partner. Although unmarried partners can make a claim on the estate in certain circumstances this can be expensive and time consuming causing a lot of distress at a particularly sad time.

There can be implications on your family home depending on how you own the property, issues with pensions, which may not automatically pass to your partner and Inheritance tax planning can be more complicated if neither married nor in a civil partnership.

Your surviving partner will also have no say in any funeral arrangements if they are not appointed an Executor in your Will.

The best way to resolve any of the issues above is to have an up to date Will in place to give peace of mind for you, your partner and family.

If you would like to discuss making a Will, estate planning or administration please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team on 01527 912912.

By Christine McConalogue from our Wills and Probate team:- christine.mcconalogue@thomasguise.co.uk

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