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A guide to employing people for new employers

When your business has grown to a size where you need to employ staff, there are more considerations to take into account than advertising and recruiting someone.

There are many reasons why it is important to understand your legal responsibilities as well as how to manage people before hiring someone, these include:

  • Saving money on recruitment costs
  • Recruiting the right staff
  • Highly motivated staff
  • Staff that are more happy to expand their role and initiate new ways of working
  • Staff who are willing to share ideas for the business to save costs and grow
  • Fewer absences due to ill health
  • Low turnover of staff levels
  • No employment law claims

Understanding your employment law responsibilities will ensure that your staff are well looked after and you have the correct policies and practices in case of any grievances with employees. You can read our blog on Top 10 Employment Law Facts as a guide.

Have a well written job specification for your employee to work from. This will enable them to focus on exactly what their role and purpose is, rather than making it up as they go along.

Pay them the right salary. This might be in line with what similar jobs are being paid or in meeting the National Minimum Wage requirements.

Provide a contract of employment within the first two months, which sets out their terms of employment, pay, working hours and holiday entitlement etc.

Plan a well rounded induction programme. This could include introducing them to all members of the team to understand what their roles include and how they might fit into the new employee’s role.  They may find ways in which they can mutually help each other.  Find out where the fire exits are, what time the fire alarm goes off, where the utilities are, what people do for lunch etc.  It might even be appropriate to provide a ‘work buddy’ for the first week to help them settle in quicker.

Have a training schedule set up so that your employee knows when they will expect to receive training on certain aspects of their job or on programmes that may help them in their future role.

Have an ‘open door’ policy where employees feel comfortable talking to management if they have a problem or even an idea that they want to share.

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