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  1. Legal Considerations when Choosing Business Premises

    Starting a new business is a very exciting time and there will be lots of decisions to make. One key business decision will be to choose your business premises.  You need to ensure that you can operate effectively from the premises and that it is in the right location for your customers to find you. […]

  2. Leasehold and ground rent to be scrapped

    The government is proposing a complete ban on new houses sold as leasehold in the wake of Britain’s ground rent costs spiralling out of control. What are Leasehold Homes? Leasehold homes have been sold in Britain for hundreds of years and are possibly more common as flats. Leasehold is where the buyer is effectively renting […]

  3. Short Term Occupation – lease, licence or tenancy at will?

    Introduction Commercial property owners will ideally want to have someone occupying their property without the time and expense of negotiating a lease. Allowing a tenant to occupy the property on an informal basis may seem quick and easy, but you could fall into issues if you are not aligned with what you are both trying […]

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